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Penn-Harris-Madison Exceptional Education Services

Early in the 2014-2015 school year, Penn-Harris-Madison committed to establishing a department in-house to provide special education services for students with identified needs. This decision followed the one to dissolve Joint Services for Special Education, the cooperative that had served students at both P-H-M and School City of Mishawaka for many years.  

In keeping with the district’s Vision of Excellence, P-H-M administration assembled an outstanding team of professionals to form its Exceptional Education department. The new staff is working hard to ensure that the department gets off to great start and has an exceptional year.  



  • Exceptional Education Executive Director: Gena L. Todd
  • Exceptional Education Program Supervisor: Jennifer Sears, Ph.D.
  • Exceptional Education Program Coordinator: Caroline Brill 
  • Administrative Assistant: Ashley Wright
  • Department Secretary: Cassie Schmucker
  • School Psychologists: Stephanie Burger, Brittany Stahl, Kevin Runyan, Michael Manis, Travis Block
  • IEP Coordinators: Marcia Abrams, TBA



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