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Safety & Security



Penn-Harris-Madison is absolutely committed to maintaining safe schools. 


Maintaining safe schools is fundamental to the district’s learning mission and it is a paramount responsibility to the parents who entrust their children to us.


These are just some of the many safety measures we currently have in place at our 15 schools to provide a safe learning environment:

  • In 2013, P-H-M instituted a three layered approach to student and staff safety in all 15 schools. Included in these layers are access controls that involve exterior and interior lock systems.(In August 2016 P-H-M was recognized  by School for the District’s 3-layered security. Click to read the article).
  • All visitors, including parents and volunteers, must show a government issued ID and be scanned into our Visitor Management system.
  • 3M™ Scotchshield™ has been placed on all interior and exterior glass windows of our schools.
  • School emergency drills, including man-made emergency drills, are conducted regularly with staff and students.
  • We have a memorandum of understanding with St. Joseph County Police to provide school resource officers in our schools.
  • P-H-M partners with VSS Security Services to provide additional police safety agents in all schools and Hall Monitors at Penn High School and Schmucker Middle School, our two largest schools.

As a nationally recognized leader in school safety, we use best practices in evaluating school threats and threats of targeted violence. Our administration works closely with the Indiana Department of Education School Safety Academy to train School Safety Specialists. 


Every school in our district has a Threat Assessment Team and/or School Safety Team. When a safety concern comes to our attention, this team thoroughly investigates it by using a national threat assessment model. If a threat is deemed credible, appropriate action is taken with authorities along with disciplinary action with involved students and parents are notified. Sometimes that notification is schoolwide or even districtwide, but sometimes it is a smaller group. Rest assured, we take every threat seriously and investigate them all thoroughly, involving the appropriate law enforcement agency.


P-H-M’s Triangle of Success connects students, teachers, and parents. We are a community working together to educate students in a safe learning environment. Please remember...see something, hear something, say something!


P-H-M utilizes the Safe School Helpline® as a confidential way to report student concerns about weapons, threats, suicide, drugs, bullying or anything else that threatens the safety of our schools. Click here to find out how to use the Safe School Helpline® .


Our efforts are guided by the P-H-M SAFETY MISSION STATEMENT: 

Penn-Harris-Madison has developed effective school safety plans and crisis management plans. We will utilize an ongoing process to update district-wide safety plans that includes in-service training, crisis preparation, a district safety committee and student/parent participation. Through research, planning, implementation and follow-up, and a coordinated effort among students, parents, educators and community members, P-H-M will continue to have safe schools that support student learning.



Photo of Mike Seger the  Director of Safety and Student Services


Mike Seger serves as P-H-M’s Director of Safety and Student Services  

 Seger is recognized as a national expert in the field of school safety and recognized as one of the Most Influential People in Security 2018 by  He works closely with the entire community—district administration and staff, parents and students, emergency responders and community partners—to put in place the practices, technology, and building design that help to make P-H-M schools among the safest in the nation. 







Penn-Harris-Madison's Mike Seger has been recognized as a local, regional, and national leader in school safety initiatives, including:   

  • The Most Influential People in Security 2018
  • Educational Interiors Showcase: Three Layer Security Design
  • GOV 30 Award
  • Security Today Cover Story
  • Honeywell Users Group Advisor

Learn more on our Safety Awards and Publications page!


 If you have questions about school safety contact Director of Safety and Student Services Mike Seger at (574) 258-9551. 


P-H-M is focused on preparing students and staff for a crisis in the unlikely event that something should happen. The Safety and Security Department worked with local police and fire response agencies in the training video below to explain what to do in dangerous situations whether during the school day or after school hour activities.



If you see something, say something! The Safe School Helpline is a convenient, confidential way for anyone to report information about situations that might affect safety at any P-H-M school or building. You can call the number any time of the day or night to report concerns about unsafe or potentially disruptive activities or situations including drug or alcohol abuse, weapons, harassment, bullying or threats. All calls are completely confidential.  

Safe School Helpline app logo  App Store logo  







Bus Transportation Safety

  • Getting to School Safely  This 12 minute video provides a Top Ten list of driving hazards that parents and students should be aware of during drop off/pickup times

  • Bus Transportation Safety This brochure published by P-H-M includes specific guidelines all our bus riders should know about

Internet Safety and Social Media 

Student Behavior and Bullying Prevention

​Drug Use & Addiction

Links to Other Safety Sites




P-H-M partners with private, commercial, and governmental agencies to bring training opportunities to its staff and others in the region. 



Penn High School worked with with local first responders and Hospitals for nearly a year to organize and hold an active shooter training exercise at Penn High School on Monday, July 2018 (click to read more about the July 2 training drill). Click for more information on Rescue Task Force Training.