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eLearning is an alternative to classroom instruction. With eLearning, students access their schoolwork online and complete the lessons outside the classroom. 


The Indiana Department of Education has approved eLearning as a way to make up missed instruction on days when schools must close due to snow or other weather conditions.


*For the 2018-19 school year, there are no built-in snow days. This means the first day school is canceled it is an automatic eLearning day for P-H-M teachers and students.


Because P-H-M has eLearning in place for that purpose, families can plan with confidence, knowing that winter weather won’t affect their summer plans. The last scheduled day of school is Wednesday, June 5, 2019 and will not change.  Click here to see the full 2018-19 school year calendar. 


Another eLearning benefit: P-H-M students typically get out of school for the summer earlier than students in other area districts who make up their missed days at the end of the school year!


eLearning has been part of the educational process at P-H-M for a number of years, and all grade levels have used it with success. 


  • Penn High School students use their Chromebooks to go online for assignments and instructional materials on regular school days as well as school closing days.
  • P-H-M middle school students also have their own Chromebooks for use at school and at home, and are accustomed to online learning.
  • P-H-M elementary students do not carry Chromebooks home, but many of them are adept at using electronic devices at school and at home, and can use the internet safely with teacher or parent supervision. 








*Adobe Acrobat Reader will be required to view the above PDFs of the parent letters and Canvas instructions. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please visit Adobe’s website at this link to download your free version. If you need more help with schedules, please call  (574) 259-7941.


How eLearning is used on snow days:

  • Canvas is the program where classwork is posted online
  • Canvas allows students and parents to have separate accounts with unique log-ins
  • Canvas runs on any browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox) and does not require downloading or installation
  • In most cases students will have from two days (middle and high school) to five days (elementary) to complete the work assigned to them on an eLearning day
  • Printing eLearning worksheets or pages is not necessary; written assignments can be completed by hand on paper 
  • Teachers will be available via email and Canvas messaging to answer questions and help students on eLearning days
  • eLearning is adaptable for students who use special education services and those who participate in the English as a New Language program 

All eLearning lessons are created and posted by the students’ own teachers, and the teachers review all eLearning completed by students, providing them with grades, scores, or feedback, as appropriate. 


Get ready for eLearning now!


We encourage parents to test their Canvas log-ins now and become familiar with the program before the snow flies! 


P-H-M parents are issued HAC (Home Access Center) log-in information in a letter sent by the school. Use your HAC credentials (username and password) on the Canvas log-in page to access your student’s information. 




Need more help?

Watch the slideshow above, then visit the Canvas Help Page!

Here is a Tip Sheet for using Canvas and setting your preferences for notifications.