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Penn-Harris-Madison utilizes the School Messenger® alert notification service to distribute emergency messages, such as school closings, delays and student attendance (for unexcused absences).


Parents are encouraged to visit today to create an account and set up your preferences for receiving emergency messages from the District. Instructions for how to set up your account, with step-by-step directions and screen grabs are  below, just click here.


Please note that parents cannot select the option not to receive a phone call; parents can only select not to receive a text message or email. Parents can change their options to receive text messages or emails as many times as they wish. To update your phone number and email address, please contact your child(ren)’s school(s). You will not be able to change it in School Messenger.


You can also manage your account by downloading the SchoolMessenger InfoCenter App from the App Store and Google Play.


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School Messenger’s InfoCenter ( is the new parent/guardian portal which will allow you to set the preferences of how you want to receive these important notifications. Families with students in different schools will have all matching records linked to their accounts.


You must have an email address on file with the school in order to utilize SchoolMessenger InfoCenter. Click here for information on how to check your contact information.


If you do not have an email address on file, please contact the school to provide one. You will utilize this email address to create an account and login into InfoCenter. If you are providing a new email address or updating your email address with the school (Monday-Friday), please wait until the following day to logon on to to create your account. If you have any problems after providing your email address, please contact the school office.


InfoCenter accounts are set up with the corresponding parent/guardian email addresses on file. If the school has only one email address on file, parents/guardians will share one account. If individual parents/guardians wish to have accounts set up separately, they must provide separate email addresses. This will allow each parent/guardian to have their own InfoCenter account and set up their own preferences for their contact information. There can only be one email address per parent/guardian.


If you wish to change your contact phone numbers listed in InfoCenter, you must contact the school. You will not see the reflective change until the following business day. At that point you can update your preferences.


The preference configurations within SchoolMessenger InfoCenter allow you to set your consent state to also receive text messages and emails. At least one phone number must be selected for Non-school Hours Emergency, School Hours Emergency and Attendance. These classify as emergencies and therefore you cannot opt to only receive these emergency notifications via text or email. Please disregard the Survey box under the preference configurations. The District will not be using this feature at this time.


Instructions for how to set up your account, with step-by-step directions and screen grabs are  below, just click the links: