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Payment Options



We recommend that parents create a SchoolCafé account to pre-pay for meals online using a debit or credit card. Visit P-H-M’s PAY MEALS ONLINE page to learn more about the many benefits of using SchoolCafé.



If you prefer to pay the school via cash or check, please write your child's name and "lunch money" on the envelope. Don't forget to specify either “Meal account” or “Ala-carte account.”  The meal account only allows full meal purchases, while ala-carte allows for the purchase of snacks as well as meals.


Note that when you provide a check as payment for a food purchase in the food service department, you authorize the P-H-M Food Service Department to process the payment as a check transaction. Federal Automated Recovery Systems (FARS) processes our electronic collection of checks returned for insufficient funds (NSF).  



Please make sure that your child has lunch money available each day. Children without lunch money may be required to call home, or be served an alternate cold meal, after the third charged meal. You will still be charged for alternate meals. Ala-carte and snack items may not be charged.


If your child has a negative balance, they will not be allowed to purchase snacks. Food Services is not allowed to carry negative balances on children's accounts in the National School Lunch Program so if a meal is charged for your student, you must pay the amount due the following day.