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Parents, take these steps to get HAC email alerts!


Parents of middle school and high school students who use HAC (Home Access Center), take note!

Some parents who signed up for HAC email alerts are not receiving them. 

Here are the two most common reasons for that, and what you can do to fix them.


PROBLEM: You are not receiving any email alerts because the school has no email address on file, or the email address on file is incorrect.

Jackie Walorski visits Penn High School, views Health and Human Services Academy

Penn High School was honored to serve as one stop on Congresswoman Jackie Walorksi’s (R-IN 2nd District) Fall 2015 Education Tour.  Indiana’s 2nd District congresswoman had recently announced plans to visit a number of northern Indiana schools to view programs and talk with staff and students about educational priorities.

TCU Freed Field dedicated under the Friday Night Lights!

On Friday, August 28, the community that had gathered for a great night of high school football was also treated to a very special event: Formal dedication of the newly renamed TCU Freed Field at Penn High School.

In a brief ceremony before the 7:30 p.m. kick-off, P-H-M Superintendent Jerry Thacker stood with Teachers Credit Union President and CEO Paul Marsh, and Mari Linn Wise, executive director of the P-H-M Education Foundation, to proudly celebrate the continuance of the organizations’ long-standing partnership.