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We’re thrilled to welcome back all of our students and have another great year of #PHMExcellence!


The first day of school will be Wednesday, August 16, 2023 for grades 1 – 12. 
All students in 1st through 12th grades will report to their school buildings that day, and all those who are signed up for transportation services may ride the bus that day.  


Kindergarten orientation takes place on Wednesday, August 16 with the first full day of kindergarten being Thursday, August 17.


Kindergartners and their parents are invited to attend scheduled orientation sessions hosted by each elementary school on August 16 (check your school’s website). Then, on August 17, kindergartners are welcome to ride the school bus and enjoy a full day in the classroom. 


The BACK TO SCHOOL INFORMATION listed below will help P-H-M parents and students get ready for the 2023-24 School Year! 





  • Register a new elementary or middle school student by visiting the school after offices open on July 31. Click here to know what documentation you need to bring with you for registration.

  • Register a new Penn High School student by calling (574) 254-2851. We will help you schedule your registration appointment and advise you on what information to bring with you to the appointment. 




  • Here is the SY 2023-2024 one-page calendar showing “at a glance” the start and end dates, as well as scheduled recess and vacation dates.

  • All P-H-M families are mailed a District Activities Calendar early to late July – early August. It lists key school and district events throughout the year.  Click to view the PDF.

  • Our online (Google) calendars are the most up-to-date. You’ll find a link to the P-H-M Corporate Calendar posted on the home page of the District website. It’s a Google calendar that can be added to your personal calendar.

  • Each school also maintains an online Google calendar on the home page of each school website that is updated frequently with the school’s scheduled activities and event details. You can also the school’s Google calendar to your personal calendar to remember important dates.


  • Our elementary schools are hosting many fun family events starting August 14. Check your school’s website for details or check the District Activities Calendar. Check your school’s website, mark your calendar, and plan to attend!

  • All three Middle Schools are also planning a Walk-Around on August 10. Check your school’s website for details or check the District Activities Calendar. Check your school’s website, mark your calendar, and plan to attend!

  • Penn is hosting a Walk Around to help parents and students get familiar with the school:

    • Penn High School’s “WALK AROUND” on Saturday, August 12, from 9 a.m. – Noon gives students a chance to familiarize themselves with the school and find where their classes and activities are located.



  • Starting the 2023-2024 SY, P-H-M will not be charging school fees for curricular material. Per newly enacted HEA 1001-2023, P-H-M will have certain charges for non-curricular and optional activities. Indiana statute does permit school corporations to assess and collect a reasonable fee for lost or significantly damaged curricular materials. For more information on what parents will and not be charged for per HEA 1001-2023, click here.

  • Supply lists are not issued by our schools. Many of the supplies your child needs will be provided by the school. If other specific items need to be purchased for a class or lab, your child’s teacher will inform you after school starts. 



  • Click here to make sure you child is up-to-date with all required immunizations. 

  • Proof of immunizations must be provided to the school office by the first day of school.

  • Kindergarten parents, please click here to learn about important kindergarten health information and medical forms before your kindergartner’s first day of school. 

  • Click here for the forms administering medications at school

  • Click here for more information on P-H-M Healthcare Services


  • The parent letter outlining the timeline of when EZRouting Parent Portal will be available was emailed late July. Click here to view it. 

  • Starting August 8, parents can check the EZRouting Parent Portal to see your child’s bus route information online

  • Here Comes the Bus provides real time GPS bus location info so parents know when to send their students out to the bus stop

  • Have more questions about Transportation? Visit their webpage for more details and contact information.




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