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Lifelines Suicide Prevention Curriculum



A student safety & wellness program


P-H-M Administration and the Board of School Trustees have examined all facets of our safety protocols. Safety is a number one priority for Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation; but as we all know, safety no longer just refers to students’ physical safety. We also need to make sure we’re equipped to help our students feel emotionally and psychologically safe.


The school district began working with Ms. Alice Jordan-Miles, Director of the Behavioral Health and Family Studies Institute at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, in the winter of 2016 to identify a suicide prevention and mental wellness program for P-H-M students in grades 7-12. The Lifelines Program is a 20-year evidence-based curriculum designed to assist school districts with the preparation steps and implementation of a student wellness initiative. Lifelines student curriculum is comprised of four 45 minute sessions that will be incorporated into PE and Wellness classes throughout the school year starting in the fall of 2016. The sessions will focus on these topics:


  • What to do when a friend is in trouble

  • How to help a friend in trouble

  • Where a student can go to get help

  • How to use what they’ve learned


P-H-M’s goal is to cultivate an informed caring community to help prevent vulnerable individuals from ending their lives. P-H-M families, parents and guardians are a key component to the success of the Lifelines Program.


Click on the resource links below to find the help you need to assist a struggling child ...