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Professional Development Goals

STRATEGIC GOAL - P-H-M will have the highest quality trained faculty and staff by continuing to invest in ongoing, job-embedded professional development.



Performance and Accountability - 100% of P-H-M teachers are rated Effective or Highly Effective on Indiana's teacher evaluation system. 

Indiana Principal of the Year  – Penn High School Principal Steve Hope was named Indiana Principal of the year in November 2015

Indiana Teacher of the Year - Stacy McCormack, Penn physics teacher, was named Indiana Teacher of the Year in 2011, distinguishing herself at the state and national level.

Professional Distinction – A P-H-M educator has been named as a finalst for Indiana Teacher of the Year five of the past six years. 

Student Achievement Analysis - Our decisions, including planned professional development, are data-driven and based on what we need to do to meet our students' needs. 

Ensuring College and Career Readiness - Our teaching staff is equipped and enabled to provide instruction that is both relevant and rigorous. The high school faculty is trained in best practices, including how to be part of an effective Professional Learning Community. 

Current Educational Trends - We bring in nationally-recognized speakers and trainers and allow teachers time out of the classroom for these growth opportunities. 

Customer Service at all Levels - The expectation is clear and the training is provided so that all staff are positioned to serve our community in a helpful, pleasant, and respectful manner.

Continuous Professional Growth - Teacher retention is high because the district values and invests in them. In addition to year-round professional development, a Summer Curriculum Institute is designed to introduce new materials or new skills ahead of the coming school year. 

Building Administrative Capacity - P-H-M has a culture of honoring growth and recognizing excellence. Through mentoring, support, and structured administrative experiences, a number of good teachers have become great principals and administrators within the district.