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P-H-M Welcomes New Teachers

There will be a bunch of new faces in Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation when school starts next Wednesday, August 19, and we’re not just talking about students!

Today was New Teacher Orientation Day at P-H-M. As an “A”-rated school district, we are extremely lucky to be blessed with a very energetic, creative and talented teacher and educational staff. Today Superintendent Dr. Jerry Thacker welcomed nearly 60 more into the P-H-M family. P-H-M is not only an excellent school system for our students, but it’s also a great place to work!

Browse the new faces below, your child may end up having them this year!

Group 1
(Front, left to right)
Shannon Harrington-Speech Pathologist at Mary Frank & Northpoint; Jennifer Tobin-Preschool at Mary Frank; Kelsey Smith-Grade 2 at Walt Disney; Courtney Miller-Grade 3 at Elm Road; Jennifer Foldenauer-Grade 2 at Elsie Rogers; Jennifer Husband-Science at Schmucker; Jordan Binion-Grade 2 at Walt Disney; Becky Richhart-Reading Specialist at Meadow’s Edge; Jamie Riebersal-Science at Discovery. 

(Back, right to left)
Dustin Zachary-Careers at Penn High School; Jared Madden-Language Arts at Schmucker; Tom Stanton-PE at Walt Disney; Andrew Warner-Science-Biology at Penn; Christopher Rosselit-Science at Grissom.


Group 2
(Front, left to right)
Sarah Felder-Grade 3 at Walt Disney; Amber Lawmaster-Counselor at Penn; Jennifer Exum-Grade 1 at Moran; Brian Nicholls-Exceptional Education at Penn; Whitney Emeigh-World Languages and English at Grissom; Sarah Budd-Resource teacher at Meadow’s Edge; Heather Marshall-Band Teacher at Grissom.

(Back, right to left)
Carrie Morton-English at Penn;  Rachael Givens-ENL for PHM; Elaine Gizewski-ENL for PHM; Holly Austin-Science at Penn; Angela Yarrell-Math at Penn; Krystle Troyer-Grade 2 at Meadow’s Edge; Ryan Kratzer-Social Studies at Penn; Stephen Getz-World Languages at Discovery & Schmucker.

Group 3
(Front, left to right)
Sarah Fish-Music at Meadow’s Edge; Amanda Bates-Counselor at Penn; Katrina Marks-Grade 3 at Horizon; Emilie Carrison-Grade 5 at Walt Disney; Gianna Ventrella-Grade 5 at Elsie Rogers; Lauren Kraft-German Teacher at Penn; Andrew Hunsberger-Grade 5 at Prairie Vista; Kylie Hamm-Temporary Social Studies at Penn; Corrine Tallman-ENL Teacher at Grissom & Discovery; Julie Howard-Resource Teacher at Walt Disney.

(Back, right to left)
Courtney Wright-Math at Discovery; Isaac Brinberg-Music-Band at Discovery; Caitlin Charnow-Language Arts at Schmucker; Stephanie Strasser-Kindergarten at Moran; Ashley Van Duyn-Grade 5 at Horizon; Victoria Carter-Speech Language Assistant at Mary Frank; Melanie Kuczek-Grade 1 at Northpoint; Kara Zook-Grade 1 at Northpoint; Ashley Jarrett-Language Arts at Grissom; Julie Kuzdal-Music at Horizon & Madison & Walt Disney; Kerri Schmidt-Resource Teacher at Discovery; Jessica Biek-Math at Grissom.