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PHMEF announces 2018 Spring Grant recipients

Mary Frank & Bittersweet's Penn PALS programs received grant funding
Mary Frank & Bittersweet's Penn PALS programs received grant funding

The P-H-M Education Foundation announced its Spring Grant Cycle recipients. A total of $17,169 will be disbursed to P-H-M staff for this grant season. 


Since the Foundation’s inception in 1996, $1 million has been distributed in innovative teaching grants supporting P-H-M teachers, staff, and students! The Grants Committee is comprised of Foundation board members, community representatives, and a P-H-M administrator who evaluate each grant application. 


A complete list of the Spring 2018 Grant Recipients is below. 


EZ Grant award winners:

  1. Social Studies Podcast
    Discovery Middle – James Howard
    Awarded: $219.96 – Funding for Blue Yeti microphones
  2. Core Balance Discs
    Elm Road Elementary – Sara Pillow Bowen
    Awarded: $167.88 – Alternative seating of balance discs
  3. Breakout EDU in the Library
    Horizon Elementary – Adrian Selmon
    Awarded: $150 – Breakout kits for 12-month access and 10+ subject packs
  4. Presenter Tool Addition
    Northpoint Elementary – Nichol Mondy
    Awarded: $44 – Wireless remote for slideshow presentation
  5. Preschool Portfolios for Penn PALS Preschool
    Bittersweet Elementary – Kristi Vandygriff
    Awarded: $249.68 – Materials to create student notebooks
  6. Girls Empowered
    Penn High School – Derrick White, Amanda Bates, Emily Lehman
    Awarded: $250 – Materials and food for monthly meetings
  7. Student Feedback Conference
    Walt Disney Elementary – Jordan Binion
    Awarded: $200– 1-day conference fees
  8. Wiser with Words
    Elsie Rogers Elementary – Dorene Pond
    Awarded $146 – Vocabulary games
  9. Future Problem Solvers of Second Grade
    Elsie Rogers Elementary – Holli Truckowski
    Awarded $84 – Math program’s teacher manuals
  10. Classroom Digital E-writing tablets
    Elm Road Elementary – Courtney Miller
    Awarded $250 – Funds to support digital tablets in the classroom
  11. Preschool Treasures
    Mary Frank PALS Preschool – Theresa Byszewski
    Awarded $250 – Learning toys for preschool students
  12. The Heat Is On
    Penn High School – John Gensic and Jon Lockwood
    Awarded $230 – Funds to purchase infrared camera. 
  13. Learning That Sticks
    Moran Elementary – Stephanie Strasser
    Awarded $115.50 – HeidiSongs for use as learning tools
  14. Drill to Success: Free the Puma
    Prairie Vista Elementary – Shelley Lebiedzinski
    ​Awarded $250 – Reward program that includes animal presentation and entry to the zoo
  15. Reading Hawk’s Celebration
    Meadow’s Edge Elementary – Becky Richhart
    Awarded $250 – Fun day for a reading reward program
  16. Be An InspiraSUN: The Lunch & Learn Café
    Horizon Elementary – Jessica Moore
    Awarded $250 – Activity station and organizational materials
  17. STEM
    Prairie Vista Elementary – Rose Montgomery and Michelle Sanchez
    Awarded $199.96 – Magnetic tiles for STEM program 


Full Funding/Traditional Form Grants approved for $250 or more:

  1. Make It Fun; Make It Stick
    Elsie Rogers Elementary – Carlye Ponsler
    Requested $697.89 — Received $697.89
    Some of the most difficult skills to master in third grade are multiplication facts and fractions. MUGGINS! Math Games are hands-on materials that build thinking skills and increase self-confidence through award-winning board games and manipulatives.
  2. Dot & Dash Club Pack
    Title 1 Elementary Schools – Jessie Kinney
    Requested $784 — Received $784
    Dot and Dash Club Pack will help students for the future and open them up to learning and understanding the language of code. This pack will expand the teacher’s current technology with two Dot robots, four Dash robots, two launchers, and two challenge card boxes.

  3. Promoting Literacy and Learning Through Self-Created Imagery
    Discovery Middle – Whitney Emeigh
    Requested $3,000 — Received $3,000
    This project will offer students new ways to display artwork, create projects, and advocate for in-building programs. The poster maker has a design feature allowing students to create digitally bright visuals; the scan feature turns hand-drawn materials into a professional project; and also has a laminator component.

  4. Tablets for the Elementary Classroom in PLTW and Bittersweet
    Bittersweet Elementary – Matthew Bodnar
    Requested $2,682.28 — Received $2,682.28
    Currently, the school only has one tablet that is utilized under a document camera. This grant funds eight iPads so a classroom of 32 can work in group of 4 for small group work. With this set of tablets, students will be able to complete modules for Project Lead the Way.

  5. STEM Boxes
    Bittersweet Elementary – Michelle Leniski
    Requested $733.81 — Received $733.81
    The STEM boxes will be filled with innovative instructional materials for students to explore and discover Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math topics. Each classroom table will receive a box and within each box will be a task with instructions. Each box is designed to create opportunities for students to discover and apply real world problems through creative learning tools.


Partial Funding:


  1. Increasing Cultural Awareness & Library Diversity in Middle School Libraries
    All P-H-M Middle Schools – Luann Mayer and Rachel Givens
    Requested $2,958 — Received $1,500
    An intercultural library will be created allowing multi-lingual students from Discovery, Grissom, and Schmucker to access a variety of books which focus on characters with diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and languages.
  2. Break Time Boxes
    Elm Road Elementary – Audrey Kim
    Requested $2,000 — Received $1,864.74
    Materials will build upon a previously Foundation funded program and expand the capability of the program. The goal of Break Time Box is to let challenged students use manipulatives to calm themselves in the classroom setting.

  3. Tablets for Apps
    Discovery Middle – Tim Braunsdorf
    Requested $2,879.84 — Received $2,600.19
    Tablets will be used in PLTW classes that will support developing mobile apps. A major component of the class is the use of MIT App Innovator software that allows students to develop mobile apps for the android operating system