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Professional safety training available in 2017-18

“The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation”

Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation, St. Joseph County Safe School’s Commission and the Indiana School Safety Specialist Academy will present this full-day no-cost program on Thursday, September 20, 2018

 Joseph P. Buckley III, President of John E. Reid and Associates, forensic interviewer, detection of deception examiner, lecturer and consultant


1) Behavior Symptom Analysis; review the verbal and nonverbal behavior symptoms that are

    displayed by a person who is telling the truth as well as those displayed by a person who is

    withholding relevant information.


2) Behavior Analysis Interview; review how to phrase and ask behavior provoking questions,

    and describe the type of answers to anticipate from the truthful and deceptive individuals.


3) Reid Nine Steps of Interrogation; review the interrogation process, beginning with how to

     initiate the confrontation, develop the interrogational theme, stop denials, overcome

     objections, and use the alternative question to stimulate the admission.


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