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School Delays & Closings and eLearning

Northern Indiana weather includes fog, sleet, snow, ice, and powerful storms—any of which can make travel unsafe.


P-H-M will occasionally announce a two-hour school delay when conditions (fog, for example) are not good early in the day but may reasonably be expected to improve.  At other times a decision may be made to close our schools for the entire day. In both cases, the announcement is made early in the morning and publicized widely.  


Learn all about it on our School Delays and Closings Procedures page. 


Even when schools close,  the learning continues!


P-H-M provides students with eLearning—online assignments and resources—as an alternative to missed instruction or added days to the school year. 


Find out how eLearning will be used on “snow days” in 2016-2017.