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P-H-M COVID Dashboard Cumulative Total (2021-22 SY)

*Data is updated daily, except over the weekend, holidays or districtwide recess days.

The Dashboard below is showing the number of total overall positive cases for the current 2021-22 school year among Penn-Harris-Madison students and staff from July 2021 to present; it is a cumulative, running total. The cases are not broken down by date. If you want to view the number of positive cases from the previous 10 days, please click here.


P-H-M has approximately 11,000 students (grades PreK-12) and about 1,500 total employees.


For the cumulative running total of cases shown on this webpage, the quarantine of some of these cases may have already concluded. 


There may be cases where the person was out of the building for a prolonged period of time, yet the information was still reported to us and we recorded it for tracking purposes. In cases where the student or staff member is virtual, there were no close contacts, and/or the person was not in the building, there may have been limited or no communication sent to staff and/or parents. The School District does not send districtwide communication on positive cases. The building principal notifies the staff and families of the impacted building via email; however because of the reasons previously stated, there may be reasons why communications were not sent.


Due to the nature of the coronavirus and even with contact tracing, the determination of where a person contracted the virus is not always easily discernable. A P-H-M student or staff member who has tested positive for COVID-19 does not necessarily mean the person contracted this while in a P-H-M building.


Federal privacy laws, HIPPA and FERPA, prevent us from providing the identity of positive cases. Therefore, this data is aggregated separately and is not relatable to the other categories; therefore we are not inadvertently identifying the positive cases.


P-H-M COVID Dashboard Cumulative Total (since July 2021)



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