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Fee Information


As part of Indiana Legislature’s biennial budget passed during the Spring 2023 session, HEA 1001-2023 eliminated textbook and curriculum costs at public schools grades K-12. Curriculum costs are described as books; hardware that will be consumed, accessed, or used by a single student during a semester or school year; computer software; and digital content. 


HEA 1001-2023 only impacts fees charged for curricular materials as defined above and does not impact other fees state law permits school corporations to charge. Click below to see the permitted fees that can be charged as referenced in the following sections of Indiana Code: 

  • IC 20-25-4-13 Special schools and vacation schools; imposition of fees 
  • IC 20-26-5-2 Latch key programs 
  • IC 20-26-5-20 Use of school facilities; fees 
  • IC 20-27-5-2 no fee may be charged to a parent or student for transportation to and from school. However, a fee may be charged for transportation to and from an athletic, a social, or another school sponsored function.
  • IC 20-30-14.5-6 If necessary, a student may be required to pay a fee to demonstrate proficiency in a language, including the cost of a standardized test to determine proficiency.
  • IC 20-37-2-1 may require students enrolling in this system to pay a reasonable tuition fee for industrial or manual training and education


State statute does permit school corporations to assess and collect a reasonable fee for lost or significantly damaged curricular materials.


Penn-Harris-Madison has certain charges for non-curricular and optional activities and is able to charge families for these. These charges are determined by the cost of materials, services, freight/handling fees, or any additional expenses the school corporation may incur for offering these non curricular and optional activities.


Non-curricular and optional activities charges may be paid in full by check, cash, credit card, or online. All checks should be made payable to the school and returned to the school office.  Anyone wishing to make a payment via a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) can pay on-line at e~Funds for SchoolsClick here for step-by-steps on how to use e~Funds for Schools.