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Assessment Data

Penn graduates, Class of 2017
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Results of recent standardized testing are shown below. In addition to these summative assessments, Penn-Harris-Madison uses formative assessments throughout the instructional process to measure students’ progress toward mastery. 


Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation has received an “A” grade from the Indiana Department of Education for the seventh consecutive year.


With the release of the 2017 Spring ISTEP+ resultsP-H-M now ranks ranks in the state’s top 4% of public school districts! 

  • P-H-M’s overall district pass rate (ELA & Math) for grades 3-8 is 70.8%
  • P-H-M’s overall district pass rate (ELA & Math) pass rate for grade 10 is 59.9%

P-H-M outperforms the state pass rates:

  • State ELA overall pass rate (ELA & Math) for grades 3-8  is 51.5%
  • State ELA overall pass rate (ELA & Math) for grade 10 is 34.4%



The following are more examples of P-H-M Excellence:

  • Northpoint is Indiana’s #1 public elementary school!
  • Discovery ranks #3 out of the state’s 205 public middle schools.
  • P-H-M has four schools (Northpoint, Prairie Vista and Horizon Elementary Schools, along with Discovery Middle School) ranked among the state’s top 50 of all 1,437 public schools.
  • P-H-M ranks 4th among public school corporations with large high schools (student population more than 500).


ISTEP+ (Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress)

The scores below represent percent of students passing ISTEP+ as administered in Spring 2017.  Click here to visit the IDOE website to see the statewide results.

Below are P-H-M’s results by subject and grade level compared to the state.


  ELA   Math  
Grade PHM State PHM State
3 83.5% 69.4% 74.7% 57.8%
4 83.4% 65.9% 80.1% 62.0%
5 81.6% 62.4% 82.5% 65.8%
6 76.4% 66.5% 72.0% 59.6%
7 79.6% 65.1% 66.0% 50.6%
8 78.8% 61.9% 78.2% 55.1%
10 76.4% 60.7% 64.6% 36.9%



IREAD-3 (Indiana Reading Evaluation and Determination)

All third grade students take part in the state’s IREAD exam to demonstrate reading proficiency.

92.7% of P-H-M third graders have passed the IREAD (based on the 2016 Spring-Summer IREAD results).


Click here to visit the IDOE website to see the statewide results.


Penn High School SAT and ACT scores

These results are from the Class of 2017:

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

  • 527 graduates took the SAT with an average score of 1136.  The average score in Indiana was 1071.


ACT (American College Testing)

  • 505 graduates took the ACT with an average score of 22.9. The average score in Indiana was 22.6.

More information on statewide SAT and ACT scores is provided on the Indiana Department of Education website.