Home Access Center (HAC)

BETWEEN JUNE 30 and EARLY AUGUST, HAC IS TURNED OFF. This is done for maintenance purposes and also because Guidance Counselors are not available during this period of time. Scheduling questions can't be answered and schedules can't be changed until August.

Access HAC through this link:  https://hac.phmschools.org/homeaccess

Students and parents: Please click here for Frequently Asked Questions concerning Home Access Center.

Here is a complete slide show that explains how to use Home Access Center.

Parents: Did you request automatic emails from HAC but not receive them?
If you signed up for automatic emails from HAC but are not receiving any, it is probably because we don't have an accurate email address for you in our system. Please notify your school office or send an email toHAC@phm.k12.in.us with your correct email address. Also, please don't forget to let us know in the future if your email address changes. HAC automatic emails are a great service to our parents and we want to make sure you get the information you need. 

Parents of students in middle and high school have access to the Home Access Center (HAC). Usernames and passwords from last year will continue to work this year. Parents and guardians of sixth grade students will receive a letter shortly after school starts with the necessary information.  If you need log in information, please contact your school office or email HAC@phm.k12.in.us.

Grades, attendance information and more are available to you with HAC in a very secure setting.  Please   remember that this information is LIVE. Moments after the teacher enters grades, the information appears on HAC. This also means it can change at any time.

Teachers have been required by the School Board to post at least every two weeks. Teachers are professionals and make their own decisions about posting more frequently.

Notification Letters
You can sign up for Notification Letters on HAC. To do so, click on Email Alerts in the menu on the left. Put a checkmark by the ones you wish to receive. Your choices are "Receive Attendance Emails" and "Receive Gradebook Emails." You will receive an email daily in the late afternoon with current information. If you sign up, but don't receive anything, please contact your school office. It usually means we either have no email address for you or the one we have is wrong or no longer in service. This is available to all parents. It is also available to Penn High School students with the email sent to their GMail account.

      ~ Email your questions to our technology support at hac@phm.k12.in.us.